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Not enjoying the cold weather. Ready for half-term and having not to get up so early. The games and chat pages STILL aren't up and running...blame my mum. Bye for now.

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Hello, my name is Sammi, I am 10 years old and this is my website. I like cats and dogs and most animals. I have a cat called Willow, 3 goldfish, and a little sister called Gemma. My mum has helped me with the website (dads website is boring). I've added some of my work, my pictures, my poems and general stuff. My mum and dad won't let me blog till i'm older but i'm learning computer stuff doing this.

This is my first website so please don't criticise. I hope you like what i've put up but it's just for me and my family really.

If you want to contact me that would be cool but my mum will check any messages first. Enjoy.

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